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Release 3.2

Autosave Form

The “Autosave Form” module provides an autosave feature for all forms. The autosave submits will be triggered every 60 seconds and store the changes from the currently logged-in user in the database.

In Thunder, it is active for node articles and basic pages and all media types.

Feature walkthrough

For demonstration purpose, it’s recommended to decrease the interval to trigger the autosave on admin/config/content/autosave_form.

Autosaves only works on existing entities, for now, so navigate to one. For example, you can use Node 6 from the Thunder Demo module.

  • Wait for the first “Saving draft…” without doing any changes
  • Reload the page and you will notice no restore messages.
  • Now change the title to “My new title.”
  • Reload the page again and you will get a restoring message.
  • Resume editing
  • Add a new tag “CMS”
  • Add a new image paragraph between some existing paragraphs.
  • Wait for the first “Saving draft…” and reload the page again
  • Resume editing and verify that your changes are still there
  • Reload again and discard the changes
  • Your initial article is back