6.0.3open in new window 2020-10-12

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Instagram will shut down its current oEmbed API on October 24, 2020. We integrate the new version of Media Entity Instagram to support the future integration. After that date, you will need a Facebook Developer Account and App credentials to be able to show Instagram embeds. More information on what is necessary to be able to integrate Instagram embeds in the future can be found here:

6.0.2open in new window 2020-09-03

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Modal dialogs do not work with Drupal 9.0.4. Until a new release of Drupal has been done, we need to prevent installation of Drupal 9.0.4.

6.0.1open in new window 2020-08-27

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After a lot of work, we have finally integrated the search api to have a better editorial search. To start using the new article search, the optional Thunder Search API module has to be enabled, it is not enabled by default. The content list will get a fulltext search index instead of the previous search by title. We recommend to use Solr-Search for improved performance.

6.0.0open in new window 2020-07-27

Add Drupal 9 compatibility. To achieve this, we had to remove the AMP anf Facebook instant articles modules. If you need these modules, you have to stay on Thunder 3.5 (Drupal 8.9) for now. Thunder 3.5 will be supported as long as Drupal 8.9 is supported. Drupal 8.9 Support will end in November 2021.

For update instructions from Thunder 3 to Thunder 6 see the Thunder 6 update documentationopen in new window

What happened to Thunder 4 and 5? introduced semantic versioning, and what we considered to be Thunder 3.4 and Thunder 3.5 is Thunder 4 and Thunder 5 in terms. So we had to do the big version jump to Thunder 6.