6.1.4open in new window 2021-06-14

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With this release we require the version of th entity_reference_actions module, that is still working with Drupal Version 9.1. Newer Versions of the module will require Drupal 9.2.

6.1.3open in new window 2021-05-10

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Having the metatag form on the node edit page is a huge performance hit on save, autosave and adding new paragraphs. To improve those operations, we integrate the metatag_async_widget, which loads the metatag form on demand.

6.1.2open in new window 2021-04-15

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We spend a lot of effort into improving the sitemap generation speed. We saw on larger sites, that generating the sitemap took about 30 minutes and consumed a lot of memory.

We reduced that generation time to 3 minutes and heavily reduced memory usage as well. Additionally, the sitemap generation does not clear the entity cache anymore.

More information about those fixes can be found in the release notes of simple_sitemap 3.10: simple_sitemap 8.x-3.10open in new window

If you experience similar Problems with the sitemap generation, we urge you to update and set the config value entities_per_dataset in simple_sitemap.settings configuration to a value that fits to your circumstances. It will be set to 50 by default, and that will already give you huge performance boosts, but depending on your server configuration you might try and increase this value to gain even better performance.

Thunder is now PHP 8 ready!

6.1.1open in new window 2020-12-16

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We added the ability to edit all images in a gallery. With this feature you can for example change the copyright for all images at once.

Changes since 6.1.0

6.1.0open in new window 2020-12-08

Minor release, that corresponds to the Drupal 9.1.x minor releases.

Changes since 6.0.3: