6.2.4open in new window 2021-12-02

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Bug fix release improving our GraphQL implementation and the integration of third party admin themes.

6.2.3open in new window 2021-11-22

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Fixes for GraphQL implementation.

6.2.2open in new window 2021-10-13

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We are fixing a few bugs with this release. Most notably we are fixing an update hook of the 6.2.1 release, which might have created empty configs. The configs, that were created are "field.field.node.liveblog.field_paragraphs" and "". You can check your installation by exporting your config. When you get the mentioned configuration files as empty files (only containing an empty set of brackets), you can safely delete those files.

6.2.1open in new window 2021-07-08

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This release is a bit larger than usually. While it contains some smaller bugfixes and module updates, the release is also adding one of the biggest features we had in a while. Thunder now has an official API for all your headless and decoupled approaches. We decided to not simply enable the JSON:API module and be done with it, but went instead with a custom GraphQL schema, based on the GraphQL version 4 module. You can read more about this on our new API documentationopen in new window.

Additionally, we added a new type of Sitemap to Thunder, which creates index sitemaps to index all the existing use-case specific sitemaps.

6.2.0open in new window 2021-06-17

Minor release, that bumps the Drupal core dependency to 9.2.x.