6.3.8open in new window 2022-06-20

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Olivero is now our default frontend theme, and we have a fix for menus in GraphQL.

6.3.7open in new window 2022-04-02

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The experimental paragraphs paste feature was added.

To test the feature enable the thunder_paragraphs_paste module. The UX and documentation of this feature is not very fleshed out, but the general idea is, that you can text with multiple paragraphs, some textile markup and URLs to embeds into a single field on your article edit and all necessary paragraphs will be created for you.

6.3.6open in new window 2022-03-24

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GraphQL Fixes and module updates.

6.3.5open in new window 2022-03-15

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Thunder and its dependencies are now PHP 8.1 compatible, a first little step to Drupal 10! Our basic page finally got a little love, which it definitely deserved. It now has paragraphs support and metatags.

This leads to backward compatibility problems with the removed body field and the changed GraphQL schema. To resolve these issues, we will only add the paragraphs field on the update, but not remove the body field. The body field will be considered to be deprecated.

We cannot really get a fully backward compatible GraphQl schema, but we added an optional schema extension that will expose the body field as "body" instead of content.

6.3.4open in new window 2022-02-17

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Maintenance release to remove patch for the graphql module, that was merged and prevents installation.

6.3.3open in new window 2022-01-26

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Drush 11 compatibility and improved entity browser integration for single images.

6.3.2open in new window 2022-01-24

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We added two new features and some bug fixes in this release.

The schema_metatag module has finally been added to Thunder. More Importantly, we added a new feature for fast access to your favorite paragraph types!

6.3.1open in new window 2021-12-20

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Bugfix release to fix issues of twig filter using \Drupal::service('renderer')->render($element) and allowing newer versions of facets module.

6.3.0open in new window 2021-12-09

Minor release, that bumps the Drupal core dependency to 9.3.x.