6.4.6open in new window 2023-03-01

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This is a security release of Thunder.

6.4.5open in new window 2023-01-19

Adding Entity Browser patch for SA-CONTRIB-2023-002. We cannot update entity browser, so we have to backport the patch. Our Entity Browser will still be shown as vulnerable, but it is fixed with this patch.

6.4.4open in new window 2022-12-19

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New Features

We added support for the METIS VG Wort counter. This counter is used by many german publishers to track the usage of their content. See: VG Wort Integrationopen in new window

The media_file_delete module was added to be able to quickly remove image files. See: Add Media File Delete integration and new permission to delete any fileopen in new window

This release also updates some modules, that have fixed versions because of applied patches.

  • drupal/diff
  • drupal/password_policy
  • drupal/field_group (no fixed version anymore)

6.4.3open in new window 2022-09-22

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Add ParagraphBehavior GraphQL data producer.

6.4.2open in new window 2022-08-25

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Add TikTok oembed in video paragraph and fix entity list queries in GraphQl implementation.

6.4.1open in new window 2022-08-02

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Patch release to fix schema of shipped config.

6.4.0open in new window 2022-06-20

Minor release, that bumps the Drupal core dependency to 9.4.x.