7.0.0open in new window 2023-06-15

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  • Add decoratable type resolver for GraphQL.
  • Add integration for the Xymatic module.
  • A new content type "News Article", that is similar to the "Article" content type, but has different metadata.

7.0.0-beta2open in new window 2023-03-13

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Remove merged Gin patches and update to latest Gin release candidate.

7.0.0-beta1open in new window 2023-03-09

First beta of Thunder 7.0.0 with Drupal 10 support.

Besides being Drupal 10 compatible the most notable changes are the retirement of the Thunder admin theme in favor of the community driven Gin theme and the switch from Entity Browser to Drupal core Media Library.

Manual update steps from Thunder 6 are required and can be found here:

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